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Drain Jetting and Gully Pot Cleaning

Keeping drains and gullies clear is critical to the safety of roads and private properties. The result of a well maintained drainage system is protection for your property from floods and the damage that an excessive build-up of mud, litter and debris can cause.


  • Graeme’s Waste Solutions Ltd can offer a wide range of drain and gully clearance solutions to keep commercial property, private property and local authority drainage systems in perfect working order and free of blockages and disruption.

  • We use powerful equipment to clear, drain and remove high volumes of waste matter quickly and safely, even on drains and gullies that have been neglected for years. Keeping on top of your gully maintenance reduces your risk of blocked drains and flooding.

  • Please contact Graeme’s Waste Solutions Ltd. for further advice.

  • These services meet the critical needs of many homes & businesses in Argyll & the Isles.


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