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Emptying and Desludging Septic Tanks

Desludging Septic Tanks - Graeme's Waste Solutions imageWe recommend that you empty your septic tank at least once a year, in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.


  • If yearly desludging your septic tank is not maintained, this may allow sludge to accumulate to such an extent that damage can result within the septic tank. This in turn causes difficulty in the emptying of the tank due to very high solid contents.

  • Regularly check the appearance of the septic tank effluent and never allow the septic tank to become blocked.

  • Should sludge be allowed to accumulate in the tank for too long, first and foremost, there will be a smell. However excess sludge in the tank also allows the release of solids into the soakaway drains which may causing blockages. Choked soakaways can be very expensive to repair or replace. We do not recommend extending the desludge frequency at the expense of your irrigation system.

  • Many people say that they have never emptied their septic tank. This may be because they have an old tank which was built of brick, or perhaps a pit with a very large capacity. As these systems age, they tend to leak both liquids and solids through the old cement joints rather than through the designated irrigation drains. The result is often contaminated areas of ponding around the tank.


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